Friday July 8

After good night with gracious hosts, it was off to Richmond for the next presentation. We were met at Richmond by Act. Deputy Commissioner Mick CORBOY on his Harley and looking resplendent in his bike gear! Senior Sergeant Paul BOUSFIELD met up and had 2011 shirts for us. After checking out the badges, hats and shirts that will be for sale we travelled behind Mick’s Harley to the NSW Leadership centre at the University of Western Sydney. Acting Commissioner Cath BURNS was gracious in accepting the NSW Baton and stated that her partner Peter rides a Suzuki Hyabusa! Ms Burns ensured that Commissioner Schipione was also looking forward to this years’ event and would be riding with his members into Canberra. NSW Police Association Scott Webber came out to the hand over ceremony but made no commitment to ride! Come on Scotty – it won’t mess up your hair too much!

There were quite a few photos taken with the Media contingent for NSW Police media, NSW Police Association journal and well wishers from the course being conducted at the Leadership centre. Finally left at 1345 hrs. Weather was good, clear and sunny but still a chill in the air. The Putty Road was all it promised to be but with the late start, the sun was getting low and gave and new dimension to blind corners. Refuel at Singleton and off again. By now it was getting dark and COLDDDDD. The temp gauge on the 1200GS was showing 4 degrees. To top it off it was dark for the last 40-50klays coming into Tamworth – the GPS started to play up, not sure if it got too cold to work or operator error due to frozen fingers trying to push the buttons and stuffing it up! . Time to thaw out and have a feed at the local pub. The locals were in full flight, we didn’t win the meat raffle and there were genuine and not so genuine cowboys floating around the cowgirls. Georg and I retired early! 442 km for the day.


Saturday July 9

We woke up to the radio saying it was minus 5.5 degrees! Stuck my nose out the door and nearly go frost bite! We covered the bikes last night but there was still plenty of ice on everything. A light breakfast, quick top up of fuel, the obligatory photo of the bikes at the ‘big guitar’ and it was off to Brisbane. The Temp gauge on the bike kept flashing its “ice on road warning” – it does that if the temperature gets below 2.5. Up and over the mountain out of Tamworth was great although we should have put more clothes on! I still can’t get the GPS to work properly so no music, just the thundering wind noise – must put the ear plugs in. Georg enjoys the sweeping bends as we push on to Glenn Innes for fuel and coffee – Maccas coffee is improving. Even though we are continually heading north, there is no appreciable raise in the temperature. Re-fuel bikes and us at Warwick and then the run into Brisbane. There are significant road works coming down the mountains into Brisbane with kilometre plus long ques. We trickle the bikes up towards the front and hear the truckies on the radio grizzling and one states he wants to knock us off the bikes – I’m sure they are just frustrated. GPS is still not working but after contacting QPU President Ian Leavers, we find our way to the QPS Police Academy without taking a wrong turn (its right next to the freeway). We have a room each, Commissioner Bob Atkinson rang to ensure all was alright and Georg and I walk over to the Oxley Hotel for a quiet meal – just what we need – an early night. 574 Kays for the day.