Wednesday July 6

0700 – Oh my God that’s early! _ not really for a police officer, we just wanted to use that famous line from “Good Morning Vietnam. Weather was cold and foreboding but at least it wasn’t raining. The rain started at Clonbinane and didn’t stop until we got to Gundagai. It certainly tested the waterproof clothing and bags. Temperature got down to 6 degrees, but for most of the day at was 8 degrees. Then the rain started again in Yass Valley. By the time we got to the Hotel in Canberra, the hot showers were most welcome.   Travelling was a good steady pace with no dramas. The inevitable photo with the dog on the tuckerbox was also taken.  690 kilometres for the day – averaging slightly over 100KPH, fuel consumption knocked around by the wild weather.


Thursday July 7

Commissioner Negus – who rode in the event last year was very pleased to see us and ensured that the baton would hold pride of place in AFP HQ.  He will again ride this year if he can.  Commissioner Negus has also made the International Deployment Group facility available for a Sunday morning breakfast on the 18th after the wall to wall ride and before we all return home. The Sponsors will be there with their new bikes for us all to look over and maybe test ride. Stay upright and other ‘professionals’ are planning to give us a ‘bike control demonstration’. 

NSW Sup’t Stan Single gave a description of the woods he used and the time and effort that went into making the batons. At least three hours each!

After all presentations we ensured all the batons were well wrapped and then it was up the Hume highway up to Sydney. 328 k’s for the day. Uneventful run, although still cold and windy.