Thursday July 14

It’s up early, I get some gearbox oil and check levels in the gearbox and diff – all good.  As we head out of town there are a few spots of rain. We take advantage of the 130KPH limit out here and push along at a good pace but you still have to very wary of wandering stock and wildlife. Re-fuelling on the way we start to notice the bikes labouring a bit but push on as the temperature rises.  By the time we get to Katherine its nudging 34 degrees and we are starting to get tired.  We push on the last 300 kays to Darwin and all of a sudden the tediousness of traffic and traffic lights, not large by Southern capital standards but that seems so long ago.   We are hot and bothered and pull up for a cool drink. Vince Kelly and his lovely wife Andrea are putting us up at Chateau Kelly and we are just around the corner.  Vince meets us and puts on a wonderful feed of curry, cold beers, red wine and Whiskey!!!  We have another great night sitting outside yarning.  

990 kilometres covered today.


Friday July 15

Andrew from the NT traffic on his BMW police bike, he escorts us to the Police facility out of town where there are half a dozen bikes waiting to travel into town. There resplendent on his K1300S BMW sports bike is Commissioner John McRoberts. We make an eclectic group travelling under police escort – our dirty well travelled steeds, the Commissioner on his shiny new sports bike, a couple of Harleys thundering along and a Suzuki Hyabusa. We are greeted at the Darwin memorial in the park overlooking the harbour by the Police chaplain, the NT Police Association Executive and some other officers and on lookers. We say a few prayers with the Police ode, and present the NT Baton to Commissioner McRoberts. A moving and simple ceremony. Mr McRoberts formally greets us warmly and accepts the baton, promising to ensure its safe delivery on the wall to wall run.

Georg and I head into town and create a bit of interest in the main street where we park and have a cool drink, just like the locals. Around to the Police Association for a lunch with the Executive and discuss their issues – policing is the same everywhere with the same problems, we compare notes. We check out the rear tyres but they seem to be wearing very well and don’t need replacing. Later that night it’s out to the Irish tavern with Vince and a few of his mates and out for a great Asian feast.