Day 19          5th June          Rest Day          Coral Bay

Didn’t even start the bike today. I just enjoyed this idyllic spot on the coast of WA. I walked up and down the beach and foreshore. Went up to the high point overlooking the reef. The flies at this time of year are bloody annoying. As John Laird said, we can’t work out how the keep up with us! I join the others at the hotel after a long walk and have a couple of squashes, wander back to my room and grab an hours nap. Bliss. We meet up for a few drinks and then head to a lovely restaurant and gorge ourselves on oysters and red emperor grilled fish and salad. A nice bottle of chardonnay. How good is this. I can’t help myself and send my wife a food photo. I get ‘goodnight’ on the SMS.

Spike is worried about his front tyre and feels like it’s falling apart. Tomorrow we plan on a 680km run so it’ll be an early start.


Day 20          6th June          Coral Bay to Kalbarri         680km 

Huddo and me are up early, showered, bike packed and ready to roll. We fuel up at the 24 hour unmanned fuel depot at the back of town. There’s a grid there that if you dropped you credit card or keys, they would stay there. With a tankful we head off at 0700 and ride into the rising sun. I have to use my hand to shield my eyes to see. It’s early morning and there’s wandering stock and wildlife to worry about. Vision is all important. I come over a rise and disturb a flock of Galahs. They scatter everywhere with one wanting to fly into me. At the last minute he wheels away as I duck. Close call for you mate.  

Cruising along the sun is highlighting a couple of Ant hills. I just have to stop and take a couple of photos…. Huddo keeps going. We’ve arranged to meet at Minlya Road House for breakfast. Everyone makes it but Luke. But he’s ok, just taking his time. Spike is very worried about the front tyre. He’s a professional motorcycle police rider so knows his stuff. It looks like the carcass is separating away from the rubber. He rings a motorcycle shop in Canarvon. No luck. The nearest one is in Geraldton over 500km away. He has no choice but to ease along and try not to heat it up too much. Georg will ride with him. We agree to head for our planned stop at Kalbarri and meet with the others tomorrow. We all head off , Huddo John Laird and me. It’s rolling hills, more bloody wind and now dust storms. Then goats. Lots of goats munching on anything they find on the roadside. Stay where you are PLEASE! We splash and dash at the BP servo just outside Canarvon and head off again.

More of the same but this time the wind seems to be behind us. That’s fine for another 150 km. we pull into the Overlander Road House where the turn off to Monkey Mia is. The petrol pump doesn’t start straight away. The console operator comes out and tells us to be careful the auto cut out is not working. We decide on lunch and organise motel rooms – one each for a change. Luke rolls in so we all head off together. Another 190km on highway one before the turn off to Kalbarri National Park. It’s another 80 or so km to the town and as soon as we turn it’s a savage head and cross wind. I’m watching the expected cold front roll in and watch for spots on the visor. We push on. Coming over a rise is a slow moving caravan, I go out to pass and bugger me, he right up the bum of another caravan I couldn’t see. I show my displeasure at the drivers’ stupidity of travelling so close. No doubt this could cause an accident. Learn how to drive and be responsible you peanut.

We get into our pleasant Palms motel and get comfortable. I get a phone call from Spike. His front tyre has blown 138km from Geraldton. Georg is with him and he’s organised a tow. There’s nothing we can do for him from here. I wish him well and hope it gets sorted soon. Hopefully we’ll meet up tomorrow.