The logo for our 2015 Wall to Wall: Ride for Remembrance is designed to focus on and be representative of the National Police Service Medal, recognising the special status of police officers across Australia and their role as protectors of the community.

The NPSM is a highly symbolic award and represents a police officer’s past and future commitment to ethical and diligent service.

Whilst the Medal was established in 2010, the eligibility criteria was extended in 2014 to recognise service on or after February, 1975, and in the past 12 months has been widely presented to many of our serving and retired colleagues.

The 2015 Wall to Wall Ride for Remembrance logo(s) highlight and honour the policing service of the many men and women within our police jurisdictions and who join us in this special motorcycling event.

The Federation Star, similar to that in the NPSM, is framed by a sprocket, drawing reference to the motorcycles theme of the ride and then surrounded by our moto “Remembering Mates” and the chequered ribbon, synonymous with policing across Australia and our Police Remembrance Day ribbon, worn each year on the 29thof September.