Today, 63,000 police officers across the country reflect on the job that we do. We are sad & devastated in our hearts for our four Victorian Police Brothers and Sister that died yesterday afternoon. Thoughts and prayers for the families, colleagues & friends of our officers. But Police will still be out there on the street, just with a heavy heart. We will still go to your calls for assistance, even though in the back of our minds, we are worried about our families and friends. We will always be there to protect the community whilst always remember our fallen friends who paid the ultimate price.

Victoria Police Legacy has set up a fundraising account to support the families of the four officers who were tragically killed late yesterday. If you’d like to contribute to the fund, please visit:

National Police Memorial is at half-mast today as a mark of respect of the four VICPOL officers who lost their lives yesterday. This is the first time the flags have been flown at half-mast outside of National Police Remembrance Day.

Scott Weber

CEO Police Federation of Australia

  1. Paul Cadman says:

    Sincere condolence from Queensland to the Victorian Police department for the devastating loss of four fellow officers also to Police Officers across Australia who will remember them each and every day .
    My heart goes out their family and friends as’s a truly heartbreaking time for all involved . We could all reflect on the fact that behind the uniforms and badges , the training and dedication to duty , they are men and women , many with partners and children , friends and extended families , playing sports and taking holidays , normal things people do…..
    Their job is the differance
    Most people dont go to work armed and wearing bullet proof gear..most people dont have to wonder how their next “office” meeting will turn out..will it be have a nice day or a fight for their life..?
    My thoughts….😔

  2. John O'Gorman says:

    When I heard about our four Victorian Colleagues falling in the course of their duty, I felt a physical “kick” in the pit of my stomach and my emotions seemed to me to be in a state of complete turmoil, ranging from the deepest sadness to a palpable anger. It is an unspeakable tragedy when anyone goes to their work and doesn’t come home but, for me, it is especially tragic when one of my serving colleagues falls because they chose to accept and deal with the risks associated with the noble vocation of Policing and fell doing their duty. I make no comment regarding the circumstances of this tragic event (that is for the appropriate judicial process) but the actions of the intercepted driver following the event speak of an indescribable individual who lacks any speck of decency. As the founder of National Police Remembrance Day, I say to our fallen colleagues “YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN” Your sacrifice will live forever as an example of the price paid by Police in their efforts to keep the community safe. Even though I am long retired (15 years), my sense of loss associated with this tragedy is in no way reduced. Rest In Peace, my prayers go with you. I am sure that Michael the Archangel, Patron Saint of Police, has found an appropriate place in heaven for you. I offer my condolences to the families, colleagues and friends of our four fallen heroes.

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