2019 Wall to Wall Event Merchandise!

Stocks for Wall to Wall Ride merchandise have now been received and ready for sale.

On-line store opens Saturday 10th August 2019 and closes until 6th September.

This time frame allows orders to be filled as they are received and to ensure orders are received before the ride.

Any unsold stock after on-line sales closes will be available at Fitzroy Pavilion at EPIC in Canberra on Saturday 14th September


  1. Henschel bartolome says:

    Hi there, i missed out the merchandise at epic on saturday since we were a little bit late getting there. What are the chances of buying some patches and t shirts after the event. Thanks. My number is+61414981723 Henschel

    • Geoff Garland says:

      Sorry, all merchandise, excepting several back packs has been sold out.
      Watch for 2020 merchandise sales from June / July 2020

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