• Hi Wayne
      Apologies for the late reply – just sorting out this new website
      Yes it is available as a fabric patch

      See you there

  1. Michael Brydon says:

    Dear Organiser

    Firstly I’d like to congratulate you on the excellent organisation of the event, particularly the management of the route, the closing of various intersections and entry points on motorways was exceptional and ensured frustration by the riders was kept to a minimum.

    I’ll come again next year but I’d suggest at the start in the park the bikes are made to park at a 45º angle on each side of the footpath and made to take off in pairs. It would ensure we weren’t so spread out (I’d estimate approx 1/2 hour from the start of the procession to when we finally joined the ride at the rear, probably spread over 10 – 20 ks) and enable the closures to open more quickly minimising car frustration.

    Thank you again and congrats to all involved in the event, keep up the good work and remember “be safe out there”.


    Michael Brydon

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